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Let's Sign, Baby! illustrated by Leo Landry

Let’s Sign, Baby! A Fun and Easy Way to Talk With Baby
Written by Kelly Ault and illustrated by Leo Landry
Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN: 9780547315966, board book, 7.99
Is your baby hungry or tired? Does she have a tummy ache or does he just need a diaper change? It’s easy to know when you and your baby learn to sign together.

Studies show that babies who sign develop increased vocabularies, experience less frustration, and begin to speak earlier. These short stories, playful pictures, and clear instructions are practical for parents and fun for older siblings. Let’s Sign! is designed to help you more fully enjoy mealtime, playtime, bedtime, and other daily activities with the baby in your life.

divider barLet's Sign! illustrated by Leo Landry

Let’s Sign: Every Baby’s Guide to Communicating with Grownups
Written by Kelly Ault and illustrated by Leo Landry
Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN: 9780618507740, hardcover, 17.00
Three short stories, playful pictures and clear instructions offer a practical method for communication using basic American Sign Language (ASL.)

"This sturdy picture book deserves a place in every library serving preschoolers. Landry’s pencil-and-watercolor illustrations are child- friendly, and his depictions of the signs are both appealing and informative – a rare treat."—School Library Journal

divider barEat Your Peas, Ivy Louise! written and illustrated by Leo Landry

Eat Your Peas, Ivy Louise!
Written and illustrated by Leo Landry
Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN: 0618448861, hardcover, $12.00
Ivy Louise’s parents encourage her to eat, unaware that the tiny green peas are performing a circus on her tray.

"What little ones will enjoy is the fantasy mischief in the pencil-and-watercolor pictures, and the funny words about ‘super-snappy, roly-poly acrobats.’"—Booklist

"Plenty of toddler-centric picture books credit their heroes with cuteness, but this one gives Ivy Louise points for her imagination as well. The small, square design is a neat but ample canvas for the pea-sized acrobatics, and Ivy Louise, a daffier variant of a Joan Walsh Anglund child, is a benevolently godlike participant-observer in the fun."—Horn Book

"As the child watches the diminutive veggies roll, they sprout arms, legs and smiley faces and proceed to form a pyramid. A spotlight shines on a pea wearing a top hat, who presents ‘the amazing, stupendous Tender Tiny Peas!’ Jumpin’ Dave does a high dive into Ivy Louise’s drinking cup, another pea with comically bulging arm muscles lifts a barbell and several others demonstrate pea-upon-pea balancing acts…"—Publishers Weekly

"Landry’s watercolor-and-pencil illustrations are simple and uncluttered, but very effective, enabling readers to focus on the action. This book is a great storytime choice for small groups or as a one-on-one read-aloud."—School Library Journal

divider barOh, Baby! written and illustrated by Leo Landry

Oh, Baby! A Celebration of Babies
Written and illustrated by Leo Landry
Little, Brown and Company
ISBN: 0316607320, hardcover, $12.95
Babies everywhere–playing, eating, singing, dancing, counting, and sleeping! Delicate watercolors catalog babies in a variety of sweet and shy poses.

"…just right for lap sharing with a young listener, who will respond to the roundup of small, sweet infants doing what babies do and, perhaps, what they dream of."—Booklist